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Международные проекты

2016/2017 - iEARN Local History Project

2015/2016 - Международный экологический проект

2018/2019 - Проект Беларуси и Азербайджана

iEARN project “My Dream World”

Gymnasium students joined iEARN http://iearn.org/ . Our aim is to get involved in ongoing projects with classrooms around the world working on the same project.

Our current project is My Dream World: https://collaborate.iearn.org/space-2/group-110/about

This project provides an opportunity for the students in schools around the world to share their ideas about their dream world through writing essays, prose, poems and short stories or drawing pictures.

The aims of this project are to develop and promote creativity among students; to promote communication and understanding between students from different countries by learning sharing information and learning about one another's ideal world; to create a better future for our children.

The activities of each team consist of several stages. At the very beginning teachers present the project, its goals and expectations to the students. The students express some ideas about their vision of the ideal world. Some tasks are generated to make the work on the project fascinating and thought-provoking.

Our first task was to think of introduction of our participating group in IEARN forums.

Next task for the members of our team was to advert to 3 key words, which are associated with their Dream World.

Then the participants explained what should NOT be the part of their Dream World.

The students suggested whom they would invite to the Dream World.

The students of our Gymnasium team gave their view on the educational system of their Dream World.

The team worked even on holidays.

The project is not complete. The current stage is writing an essay on the topic.

There are students who generate ideas, who think up current tasks to fulfil, who share their thoughts about their dream world, who communicate with participants from different countries on the forum. But if a project does not have a final product worth sharing beyond the classroom, it is not a project worth doing. For this reason technical assistant films, edits, makes captions, creates presentations. All in all, the project allows the students to multiply the impact of their learning among a larger audience.

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